Bitter Harvest

About the Project:

Bitter Harvest is a 1993 thriller/drama film starring Stephen Baldwin, Patsy Kensit and Jennifer Rubin. It was directed by Duane Clark. The film was released on November 3, 1993. The film stars Stephen Baldwin as Travis, Patsy Kensit as Jolene and Jennifer Rubin as Kelly Ann. Others in the film include Adam Baldwin as Bobby, M. Emmet Walsh as Sheriff Bob, James Crittenden as Lester, Art Evans as Earl Yates, Joanna Jackson as Lutie Yates, Ed Morgan as Judge Henry McGrath and David Powledge as Andrew Taylor. The film was originally released on VHS in America where it now remains out-of-print, unavailable in the country on DVD. An all-region Australian import DVD was later released, as well as a Spanish import DVD, and a Dutch import DVD. The film’s tagline reads “A triangle of innocence, sin … and murder.” Two bold women (Patsy Kensit, Jennifer Rubin) stop at a shy guy’s (Stephen Baldwin) farm and dally, then detour into homicide and larceny.