The Process

As a composer for visual media, my mission is to fully understand your creative vision, and then musically respond in the most effective way possible. With courageous and open communication, we will realize a musical score that brands your story with a powerful, singular voice. This unique musical voice inspires and moves audiences worldwide.

I hope we will have an opportunity to create the unforgettable and distinctly fulfilling experience of finding your story’s musical voice – MT

Michael Tavera Composing

The Process

1) Investigate

Ask questions. Read scripts. Review footage. I get to know the characters and their inter-dynamics, the time & space of the story and its overarching themes. I want to realize and understand the overall aesthetics of the project.

2) Communicate

Deeply listen to the creative visionary, seeking to understand what he or she wants and needs for character themes, story themes, emotional themes and time & place themes.

3) Respond

Create initial musical thoughts and share samples with the creative visionary. Encourage open, exploratory communication. Create a musical study of the various characters and scenes.

4) Remain open and flexible

Be willing to change. If “what I thought you said” is “not what you meant”,
I am willing and able to change and adapt. By remaining un-attached to anything other than the creative vision of the project, I can truly hear and most effectively respond.

5) Let go

After all of the initial communication and exploration comes the magical part. This is when I let go of all my thoughts and feel the characters and the story. At this point, I am allowing music to create more than creating music. This is my reward.